About Us

Our company U.S. Guest Services

A company with deep roots in niche market advertising experience since 1999, U.S. Guest Services publishes not only print directories but online directories as well. We are one of the nation’s best regional publishers and producers of printed Hotel Guest Directories, Logo Foor Mats, Travel Magazines and Digital Signage placements. The company offers comprehensive advertising solutions to local businesses from market research, creative design, direct marketing, and online programs to total local market coverage for the advertiser.

Our President

Our company was founded by Entrepreneur & Business Marketing Professional Mr. Jack A. Scotto Jr. who was searching for a way to assist more companies in growing their businesses…Realizing the power of the advertising media with virtually untapped markets in the local travel industry, he combined his direct sales background and advertising experience to provide small & local businesses access to a highly targeted local travel audience market with a very high ROI. The outgrowths are revenue generating programs that assist small and local businesses to grow and attract new customers and clients locally and abroad time and time again.

Our values

U.S. Guest Services, while newly created each day, is built on a set of unchanging beliefs.

  • As a publishing organization, we value accuracy, fairness and an advertising venue that works.
  • As a staff, we value excellence, creativity, innovation and diversity.
  • As a company, we value our sales agents, our readers and our clients.
  • And as part of our community, we believe it is a privilege to participate in a unique daily exchange that strives for those enduring standards.

Our commitment to diversity

U.S. Guest Services Publishing Company is committed to building, fostering and maintaining a diverse workplace that strengthens an appreciation, respect and understanding of our differences. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of acceptance that allows our collective values to reflect our community and strengthen our company and our products.