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Advertisers FAQ's

What are the benefits of advertising with U.S. Guest Services?

Travelers will spend an average of $313 a day while on vacation, why not make some of that money yours!

By becoming an advertiser in a U.S. Guest Services. publication, you open your business up to being seen by literally hundreds of individuals on a daily basis. This gives you an opportunity to invest in a proven method to help you generate more cash flow and get your name out in front of the public.

For as little as $195 your ad can be seen year-around. This low-cost advertising method will allow travelers and local patrons alike to see your ad before they see the competition. Target your audience by becoming another success story with U.S. Guest Services.

How can we view samples of your publications?

Just click here for a full In-room guest directory:

In Room Sample Directory 

What does it cost?

Advertising space cost will vary from market to market and in some cases you can participate in any product for as little as $195 with payment up front.

How long is my commitment?

When you purchase advertising space your ad will be in place for 1 year and some cases a little longer. With some products such as key cards, TV channel and restaurant menu products your ad will run as long as the supplies last.

What if the ad does not appear?

If you have purchased an ad for any U. S. Guest Services product and your ad is not displayed in the product, please contact the Customer Service Department 919-655-5371 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How long before my ad appears?

After we receive the complete printed piece with all ads in house it typically takes approximately 45 to 60 days to produce the final piece. This time frame however does depend upon the timely return of the proof from the publishing client.

 Why does it cost more than some ads I run?

Ads will range in price due to their color and size. The larger the ad the more expensive it will be. The same is said for a black and white ad or one color ad versus a (4) or full color ad.

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